Construction is more than just bricks and mortar, it is a well executed orchestra of events, materials and skilled labor coming together to achieve a greater end. It is bringing a vision to full fruition. Construction takes a team working toward a common goal.

The client’s vision should be fully understood by the contractor; so that the team, costs, quality, schedule and other moving parts can be managed in a manner that produces a product that meets the client’s expectations.

Core Values

  • Integrity – We do what we say we are going to do, to us a handshake is just as important as a signed contract.
  • Accountability – We hold our team accountable to commitments made and to working in a safe manner.
  • Transparency – Our books are always open; each pay application includes backup documentation and invoices.
  • Quality – Having a finished project you can be proud of is important to us. We make sure that we get the little details right and that our team is made up of competent quality craftsman that take pride in their work.


You have a vision of your new space and you are ready to take the next step. The next step you take will determine the success or failure of your vision becoming a reality. There are many different options in the market today and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you understand the available processes and services and how they can benefit you. Turning your vision into a reality and in way that best suits your company’s needs. Marsala & Company’s primary focus is making your vision a reality in a manner that will build more than just a project; a relationship that will make you a repeat client in the future.

Design Build

The design build model allows you the client to get the most out of your team. Design build means that you have a single point of contact that is responsible for all of the members of the team and single prime contract from the inception through completion of the project. The general contractor, architect, engineers, subcontractors and other consultants all fall under one umbrella and are all managed by the general contractor. This allows you, the client, to have a general contractor and their team, including the architect, perform value engineering during the design process, work through constructability and provide cost updating to make sure the project is staying on budget during the design phase. This helps to reduce additional cost and added time during the construction phase. In the end, your vision is now a reality and it was achieved in a cost and time efficient manner. The industry, as a whole, is heading towards this approach because of its proven results and benefits for the client.

Pre Construction Services

When is the right time to hire a general contractor or construction manager? The answer is today. If you are in the early design stages with your architect and still trying to get concepts on paper it is not too early. If the drawings are nearing completion it is not too late, but earlier is always better. The earlier a contractor can be involved with your design team, the earlier your contractor can offer budgets based on the design, offer insights to the design team on how the same look might be achieved at a lower cost or help foresee future conflicts that can be avoided in the construction phase. An early investment in preconstruction can save time and money by identifying problems that could lead to added cost during construction, while still allowing the design team to make adjustments without added project costs. Marsala & Company gets involved in projects whether or not the project at hand has no drawings or a full set of drawings and works with your design team to help protect your cost without compromising quality.

Value Engineering

Marsala & Company uses their long history and experience with many construction types along with their team of valued subcontractors and suppliers to look at and evaluate the material and design details. We use our knowledge and team to help find alternate methods, materials and means of constructing the same end-product in a more cost-efficient manner to save you, the client, money while at the same time delivering a quality product you can be proud of. Value engineering can take place at any point in the project cycle, and we are always looking for ways to value engineer your project. Often times, the greatest cost savings are found when value engineering is done early on in the project cycle and prior to putting physical work in place.

General Contracting

This is where the rubber meets the road. A design can be well planned, and details in the drawings can be crystal clear, but the physical work now needs to be executed in a professional manner that can make the vision on paper a reality. Building a structure is more than just following a set of drawings; It is making sure that quality-control is in place, a schedule is maintained, and the cost is managed. For a project to run smoothly your contractor needs to be proactive, not reactive, constantly looking down the road and finding solutions to obstacles before they become an emergency. Communication is a key component of a properly managed project that stays on budget and on time. Subcontractors need to understand what the expectations are upfront and then be held accountable to standards and expectations that were set. Over the last 30 years, Marsala & Company has built a team of subcontractors and suppliers that understand that completing a job means doing it right the first time. We work hard to make sure expectations are understood and executed. We understand that construction takes a team and we know how to lead that team to bring your vision to life.